Quartz, Mechanical, Automatic Timepieces What’s the difference?

The mechanism of the watch is a detailed internal part of its making, it the mechanism that affects its movement. Whether Quartz, Mechanical, or Automatic, it is the mechanism that makes your timepiece tick, defines a masterpiece and separates it from a mediocre watch. This is why watchmakers spend the majority of their time meticulously designing the interior, heart of a watch.

There are three types of movements:

• Quartz watches
A quartz timepiece is powered by a battery, it sends an electrical signal through a piece of crystal quartz, which vibrates 32768 times per second, creating a signal with a very precise frequency. The vibrations are measured by the circuit and are converted into a single pulse every second.

Why buy a Quartz watch?
• Quartz watches ensures superior accuracy.
• It requires low maintenance and is easy to use. It has a limited number of moving parts and the presence of a battery ensure that quartz watches are lower maintenance.
• They are durable, reliable and less expensive.

• Mechanical watches
Mechanical watches require manual winding to operate and uses energy from the wound mainspring to power a watch, rather than a battery. This mainspring transfers energy through a number of springs and gears, powering the function of the watch hands and the complications.

Why buy a Mechanical watch?
• You don’t need to worry about any battery replacements.
• Some mechanical watches have a clear sapphire casing on its back, which gives a clear view of the fascinating rotations and oscillations of the minute working parts.

• Automatic watches
Automatic watches have a metal weight called a rotor which is added to its manual parts. The rotor rotates freely and is connected to the movement, it spins with each movement of the wrist, transferring the energy to the mainspring, which is automatically wound as a result of this energy transfer.

Why buy an Automatic Watch?
• Automatic watches are luxury watches, ensuring you stand out in the crowd, with its style and visual impact.
• With an automatic watch, there is no need to worry about your battery running out.
• It is long lasting and is built to last, with tough and knock resistant.
• High accuracy and reliability.